IMPORTANT: Please do NOT pay any government application fees to CIC – Citizenship and Immigration Canada or other countries government related application fees through this site.

This page is only for fees for professional service fees due to One World Immigration Consulting Services. Government application and visa related processing      
fees are to be paid directly by you to CIC in order to save you costs using instructions we will send you via email. CIC or other countries related application payments made to us in error will be subject to an administrative handling fee of CAD$120.00   

For your convenience, you may pay for our services using this online payment page. This option will remit funds to us in Canadian and US Dollars. Once you have received information from us on your fees  you may make the payment directly using your  Visa, MasterCard, or American Express. For our clients that are billed in US funds, please chose the USD from the menu to pay in US Dollars.

Clients who visit our offices may pay for services using cash, Interac debit cards, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, bank drafts, or money orders. Kindly note we do not accept personal cheques.

The following online secure payment page is hosted by Square and Stripe on their platforms. When click pay with, you will be redirected to chose credit or debit card and enter your your card details  and hit pay to complete your payment and return to our website after.

Online Payments Form

Before completing this form, we recommend that you call the 1-800 customer service number printed on the back of your credit card, and ask them to pre-clear this transaction with the credit card issuing bank. For your protection many credit cards have limits for high dollar online transactions that are below your card limit. All approved online credit card payment transactions to us will receive an email confirmation immediately. If you do not receive the email confirmation, the transaction was not approved, and you will need to call the credit card issuer to request their assistance.

The amount MUST include two decimals e.g., 100.00

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